Best Acne Treatments In The World

Treating acne is actually not as hard as one would think. The problem with acne is that every person is different. And therefore every person get acne for different reasons and also get rid of their acne by using different treatments. This basically means that something which might work for someone else, is not guaranteed to work for you. With this in mind the only choice left for you is to learn all the best acne treatments in the world… and then try them out for yourself and see which of the treatments truly work for you.

The treatments listen in this article are all legit treatments that have worked for a lot of different people all around the world. I will not list any “secret” made-up treatments that might cover the problem but not truly treat the acne. An example of a treatment which is just made up and doesn’t at all work to truly get rid of acne is toothpaste. People on the internet are trying to convince that toothpaste will get rid of your acne in one night. Now this is just something that people have come up with and write about on the internet to make a few extra bucks on ads or promotions. Because I mean it does sound interesting that one can get rid of acne in one night by using toothpaste so people read about it. But we all know it doesn’t truly work. So there you had an example of what this article is Not about.

Instead I will go through with you 3 of the best acne treatments in the world that will help you get rid of your acne for the long-term… and also keep you from getting any acne scars which can end up looking very nasty and can also be extremely difficult to get rid of.

But before we go in one the treatments, let me tell you my story. For me everything started when I joined the military. And as you might know the military doesn’t really improve your hygiene. And sure enough, as I had spent maybe 2-3 months in the army, I started seeing some serious breakouts in my face and this lead to me feeling really bad about myself. Especially on the weekends out of the army. The reason why the army is so bad for your skin is both lack of showering possibilities, especially while in the woods for a couple weeks. But also the “camo” you put in your face. I mean it works like an “acne-magnet”. Every time I put “camo” in my face, I ended up getting 10-20 breakouts on my face just a few days after washing the “camo” off. So you can see how bad the situation was for me…

When I realized that this is making me feel truly bad about myself, I decided that it is time for me to look into the best acne treatments around. So what I did was that I read everything I could find on acne… on forums, blogs, magazines. Basically all the info on acne treatments I could get my hands on. And after I had read enough, I decided to put some of the acne treatments that I had learned to use. And eventually I did get rid of my acne almost completely. And believe it or not but the secret to my success was simply telling myself this:

“I am going to commit to these treatments, follow these steps I have put up for myself… and no matter what succeed in getting rid of my acne!”

And today the results speak for themselves. So here’s a few of the steps that I used for myself. I call them the best acne treatments in the world since they worked so well for me. But remember that you will have to try them out for yourself before you can call them the best acne treatments in the world… because the case might not be the same for you as it was for me. But in general these are treatments that work for most people.

1. Work out regularly, starting today.

There are many different reasons for you to work out. It makes you feel good instantly after the work out… but also on the long term. It helps to keep you healthy and content, and also it gives you so much energy to achieve what you need to achieve and in that way succeed in your life. But one thing which you might not know is that this is truly one of the best acne treatments in the world. And this is not just for me… this will work for almost anyone suffering from acne. The reasons why working out is so powerful are these:


  • The first reason why working out is such a powerful acne treatment is because it relieves stress. And you might already have known that stress is one of the major reasons for your acne. You see when you stress, the hypothalamus prompts other cells to release stress hormones, like cortisol. These hormones will prepare you for a “fight-or-flight” situation. This means that your heart rate will quicken, your perception will get sharper and your skin will start producing more oil. And this specific oil called Sebum, will cause the clogging of your pores and then attract a bacteria called P.acne to those clogged pores, where the bacteria multiplies and causes the pore to get inflamed. So now you know that you have to manage this stress because it is truly leading to more acne than you might be aware of. And the best way for you to do that is by working out regularly.
  • The second reason why you need to work out is very simple. When you work out, you will obviously be sweating. And this means that your sweat will have to travel to the surface of your skin somehow. And the way that it will do that is through your pores. Now as the sweat travels through your pores, it will take with it both dirt and dead skin cells which are both two of the main reasons for clogging your pores (together with the oil Sebum). So basically when you sweat, you clean up your skin from impurities. And this of course will lead to less pores getting inflamed by the bacteria P.acne.


So now that you know this, you probably understand how incredibly important it is for you to start working out regularly, starting today.

2. Take a shower directly after your work out.

I just went through with you how working out is one of the best acne treatments in the world. And now that you will start working out you must know what to do afterwards so that the work out will get rid of your acne, instead of causing your skin to break out even more.

What I’m talking about is showering directly after your work out. Now this is something you should read carefully because like I just said, if you fail on this point… your acne condition will only get worse when you do your work out.

You might remember that I just said that your sweat will travel to the surface of your skin through your pores and bring all kinds of dirt and dead skin cells to the surface of your skin… But what do you think happens if you don’t wash that dirt off before the sweat evaporates? Well, here’s the deal. If you let the sweat evaporate, it will leave both the dead skin cells and dirt on your skin… but also it will leave salt there. And all these 3 will quickly find their way back into your recently cleaned pores and cause them to become clogged, again. And this time even worse than before your work out.

So make sure that every time you sweat. You take a shower as soon as possible so that the sweat doesn’t get time to evaporate off your skin. And give you more acne.

3. Wash your face in a way that helps get rid of your acne, not make it worse.

You probably already knew that washing your face is one of the most basic acne treatments in the world. But the problem here is that most people don’t know how to do this one right. Because if you don’t wash your face in the right way, you might end up hurting your skin instead of helping it.

So here’s step-by-step how to wash your face the right way and get rid of your acne.


  • Take a soft and clean cloth in your hand.
  • Soak the cloth in the sink using hot water.
  • Wash your face very gently using this hot cloth.


But before you go try this… Here are some things I suggest you keep in mind when doing this.


  • Only wash your face twice/day. If you wash it any more than that your skin will start to dry and then crank up the oil production in your skin. And as you might remember… this leads to more acne.
  • A good way to make sure you do this twice/day is to wash your face once when you wake up and once right before going to bed. That way you can’t go wrong and it’s easy to make a habit of it.
  • Make sure to be gentle when you work with your face and skin. You don’t want to damage your skin and give new dead skin cells the chance to clog up your pores. Today World Info


Just make sure that you follow the directions I just went through when you wash your face and you’ll see a remarkable difference in your skin’s condition in no time.

Alright so there you had it. The 3 best acne treatments in the world. Remember that all of these require for you to commit to getting rid of your acne and truly applying these steps to your life. Because if you leave out one of these 3 it might already lead to you not succeeding in your quest to get rid of your acne for good.


Sony 24-70 Review – Professional Lens for Versatility

If you’re looking for the best among the top of the line lenses that Sony and Zeiss have ever come up with then the Sony 24-70 is the one to beat. It has brilliant zoom, fast but silent auto focus function, and professional quality coated optics. It is designed to eliminate any bit of chromatic aberration. If you’re looking for an incredibly good lens to suit any need then this one is all you will ever need.

The large aperture zoom of the Sony 24-70 is built for high performance, which is according to the Carl Zeiss tradition. It has a brilliant all around lens brought to you by the SAL-2470Z, though rather heavy but performs for optimal results. Sony on the other hand provides the image stabilization system plus the medium to wide-angle telephoto range. Given all of the above, this lens is perfect for a lot of different applications.

The dimensions of the Sony 24-70 are 5.1″ x 5.1″ x 11.8″ and it has a total weight of about 2.1 pounds. Now, if you get to read through any lens review page, one of the usual complaints that you will find is that this lens is a bit heavy. Well, that isn’t such a big issue given the picture quality that one can get out of this top-notch lens. In fact, comparing the weight of other competing lenses, the Sony 24-70 seems to be in really good company. . sony 55x75k

The mechanical build of this lens is truly outstanding. It easily reminds anyone of either the Nikon or Canon 24-70 lenses. Like these two top of the line lenses, the Sony 24-70 also does an external elongation. The quiet zoom is due to the built in Super Sonic Wave Motor. The size of the zoom ring on this lens is just right and is very easy to operate.

The Sony 24-70 is probably the best lens anyone would ever use for shooting portraits. It’s a really good option even for beginners who need to move up to using some of the best equipment available in stores today. Due to the 24-70mm range, this lens will work best for taking pictures of people. The sharpness of the Sony 24-70 lens is pretty evident for any application even when you set it up wide open and also at every focal length.

If there is anything that will catch anyone’s attention about this top of the line lens is the fact that this lens is really pricey. One flip of the tag and it creates a bit of a heart stopping moment. However, there is no question that it is truly a great investment that no one should miss out. Quality at times does come at a price and that is so true for the Sony 24-70.