What’s Wrong With The United Nations’ Agenda 21 Program – Sustainability Is a Good Thing, Right?

When the United Nations talks about ‘sustainability’ people listen, governments listen, or politicians at every level listen and say; that sounds like a really good idea. But, I dare to ask; is it? Is it a good idea to have some sort of global government overseer telling us the best management practices to stay as efficient as possible – using the latest clean technologies? Suggesting things we can do to improve and ushering in a new age of global socialism.

Well, they may have fooled the next generation with their educational indoctrination, but they haven’t fooled me. Let’s discuss this as it is a common topic of conversation at our think tank.

One big problem I have with Agenda 21 type concepts or the Venus Project with all its perceived efficient strategies is that many master-planned communities fall short, and draw from rural areas far and wide to supply their “city-state” (in some cases sanctuary cities) so to speak.

Let’s take New York City (NYC) for instance takes nearly all the fresh water now from Upstate rivers, and power from outside the city, food from the Midwest, it’s hardly what the socialist leftist elite call “sustainable” nor are most of their intellectual designs, looks good in practice (on paper), but doesn’t work as well as promoted in the real world – always issues with behavior (crime) when you pack too many rats (humans) too close together – that’s okay same thing happens with locusts and rats when their populations become too densely packed.

Without the resources these cities draw from vast distances they turn into the worst human slums known to mankind. Big cities tax the civilization fleet safety for their needs, rural voters paying for inner-city bus systems, infrastructures, power systems, water depletion and then the rural areas deal with the urban heat islands changing weather patterns hurting farming to feed the masses in the urban areas who hate them. It’s not working.

Agenda 21 and the entire UN is run by elitists who quite frankly aren’t nearly as smart or the intellectual technocrats they claim to be, I think there must be a real issue with brain fog due to ambient noise and air pollution, frequency pollution, socialist brainwashing. They have great plans, but they just won’t work, and then they double-down with more brilliant ideas, almost like the inventor who proclaims “free-energy” but can never produce it.

And not to get negative here, but I’d like to see a plan that is actually feasible, otherwise what we have is the opposite of the Ends and Means Debate in that; If you do everything in a fair way, but will not achieve your desired ends, then the whole thing is a waste of time, which is actually worse than violating ethics in the means to get the desired ends.

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