Weighted Practice Club – The Reasons To Use One

Implementing a weighted practice club, such as the GolfGym Club 38 or Club 28, into your golf game is a great way to improve your game this season. The great news is that you Vclubshop can start using the weighted practice club now with the cold weather and snow on the ground and you will be that much ahead of the curve when the season actually starts! Weighted practice clubs have many advantages and we will take a minute to go through them.

You need to make sure that you have a weighted practice club that is properly weighted. What do I mean by that? The weighted practice club that you are using should keep the same weight distribution as a .regular. golf club. Just throwing a weight on the end of the club can be a good way to warm up your muscles prior to a round of golf. However, this method will not help our swing if used for a long period of time due to the improper weighting.

The GolfGym Club 38 or Club 28 is properly weighted and will react like the club out of your set that you will be swinging. Due to the added weight, the club will swing more on the correct path and get into the Slot. on a more Vclubshop consistent basis, without you needing to do anything different. The added weight will also help you get into your finish position. In turn, you will produce more reliable golf shots.

Using this type of weighted practice club will also help you physically in two ways.

First, the extra weight will help you build stronger muscles especially in your core or the area also known as the abs. With this you will be able to create more speed and power which will equate to more clubhead speed and more distance with all of your clubs.

Second, using a heavier practice club will stretch you out as you use it. Meaning as you swing back the extra weight will take the club just a hair farther back than you are used to and will stretch the muscles that are needed to get the club into that spot.

The GolfGym Club 38 or Club 28 weighted practice club can also help you with your short game. Yes it is true! What is the challenge most people have when it comes to chipping? Hitting at the ball or trying to help the ball up in the air, right? By using this type of club to chip around the greens, the added weight will again carry you to the finish of your stroke. In addition, if you try to hit at it, the added weight makes it MUCH MORE difficult to do and takes the clubface down to Vclubshop the golf ball.

In this article we discussed five advantages in the four points above to using a weighted practice club. Again, the good news as you can start swinging a practice club like this indoors while it is cold outside and continue to use it in your regiment when the season starts for you. See you on the first tee!

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