Tips for Decorating Your Office Space

New office space in Sydney is an exciting prospect, especially in a prime location. After the deal is sealed, the question becomes how to furnish the space in a way that’s inviting yet professional. Here are a few suggestions to design for success.

*Make it friendly. Whether it’s a conservative business or a creative environment, a warm and attractive reception area makes a positive first impression. A tip, lobby furnishings in a circular arrangement help visitors to feel welcome.

*Rugs have more character than carpeting. Conservative office spaces in Sydney with wood floors look spectacular when accented with Oriental rugs. Colourful area rugs on tiled or stone floors can add a dramatic accent to modern offices.

*Comfortable furniture. Victorian furniture may be beautiful, but it can be downright uncomfortable and impractical. Choose where can i buy cbd gummies for pain furniture that looks professional but inviting. Be sure to maintain consistency throughout the office. Eclectic furnishings may look great in a home, but they don’t inspire confidence in a business.

*Use colour to its best effect. Choose a colour-scheme and honour it throughout your Sydney CBD office space. Three or four co-ordinated colours will generally suffice. Anything more looks chaotic and distracting. Earthy tones like brown, beige, and gold are lovely in traditional, conservative companies. Creative firms can liven things up with bold combinations like lime green and black.

*Add office-friendly indoor plants and eye-catching wall art. Greenery and visuals can keep a Sydney CBD office space from looking sterile and uninspired. Living plants are nicer than fakes. Rent real greenery from a corporate plant service that will also maintain them.

*Lighting is the key to ambiance. Fluorescent lighting looks harsh and it strains the eyes. Consider ceiling fixtures like hanging pendants or chandeliers, and augment with sunlight and table lamps.

*Multi-task with tall bookcases. Bookshelves add interest to wall space and help to minimise clutter. They can also be used to display artwork or company products.

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