Stuck in the SAP?

SAP, as you may well know by now stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. SAP is one of the most revolutionary Enterprise Resource Planning systems which can help businesses achieve outstanding results through improving efficiency to maximise profits

So what brings you to SAP?

Has your company just implemented a SAP system and are you at a complete loss as to how this software architecture works? You may be an ambitious individual who wants to spruce up their CV by becoming a SAP consultant and achieve accreditation or certification. Or you may just be looking to implement SAP software and are investigating the SAP training options available to your organisation. Let’s take a closer look at SAP training options:

End User Training or EUT – EUT is crucial to the successful implementation, usage and acceptance of SAP within a company. To be used within its full capabilities all end users of SAP need to fully understand and accept how and why it is operated and managed. An investment made in SAP software alone without a commitment to investing in SAP EUT training is one which will not provide much of a return!

Project and Team Training – Organisational teams are made up of a group of diverse individuals with specific roles, objectives and responsibilities. SAP Project and Team training is needed to ensure that the expertise and capability of each team member is fully utilised to improve performance and delivery. The most effective Project and Team Training should be focused on delivering training at different levels within the team: team member level, supervisor level and manager level.

Certification Training – For individual SAP consultants Certification Training is a sap 系統  pathway to excellence. SAP certified consultants are an elite bunch and achieving the certification is a mark of excellence which can lead to a strong and rewarding career within the world of SAP. A former SAP consultant is now Co-Chief Exec of the entire company! Legitimate certification training is offered at 3 levels: Associate, Professional and Master.

How is SAP training delivered?

As you can expect, SAP training delivery is just as innovative as the software itself. SAP itself has a comprehensive Education academy with innumerable training options for teams, companies and individuals. SAP training can be E-learning based, Classroom based or delivered On-Site

E-Learning – one of the most flexible training delivery options, E-learning can be delivered to anyone at any time in any place. Delivered in manageable modules, most SAP training providers will incorporate interactive elements into their training programmes such as online tutor support and even lectures and tutorials in E-Classrooms.

SAP Classrooms – although delivered in a functional classroom format, current SAP training courses are dynamic and engaging. Classroom based training is great for individuals that like to be face to face with tutors and peers, encouraging group work and peer to peer learning.

On-Site Training – many providers of SAP training in the UK offer on-site training for SAP users. On-site training is extremely cost-effective for implementing EUT and Project/Team training, and ensures that every individual is receiving training that is consistent, practical and applicable.

When considering the best SAP training option for you always remember to take into account the time and budget resources which you have available, as well as your objectives for undertaking the training in the first place. And if you’re still stuck in the SAP after this article just give Quotebean a call!


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