Sony 24-70 Review – Professional Lens for Versatility

If you’re looking for the best among the top of the line lenses that Sony and Zeiss have ever come up with then the Sony 24-70 is the one to beat. It has brilliant zoom, fast but silent auto focus function, and professional quality coated optics. It is designed to eliminate any bit of chromatic aberration. If you’re looking for an incredibly good lens to suit any need then this one is all you will ever need.

The large aperture zoom of the Sony 24-70 is built for high performance, which is according to the Carl Zeiss tradition. It has a brilliant all around lens brought to you by the SAL-2470Z, though rather heavy but performs for optimal results. Sony on the other hand provides the image stabilization system plus the medium to wide-angle telephoto range. Given all of the above, this lens is perfect for a lot of different applications.

The dimensions of the Sony 24-70 are 5.1″ x 5.1″ x 11.8″ and it has a total weight of about 2.1 pounds. Now, if you get to read through any lens review page, one of the usual complaints that you will find is that this lens is a bit heavy. Well, that isn’t such a big issue given the picture quality that one can get out of this top-notch lens. In fact, comparing the weight of other competing lenses, the Sony 24-70 seems to be in really good company. . sony 55x75k

The mechanical build of this lens is truly outstanding. It easily reminds anyone of either the Nikon or Canon 24-70 lenses. Like these two top of the line lenses, the Sony 24-70 also does an external elongation. The quiet zoom is due to the built in Super Sonic Wave Motor. The size of the zoom ring on this lens is just right and is very easy to operate.

The Sony 24-70 is probably the best lens anyone would ever use for shooting portraits. It’s a really good option even for beginners who need to move up to using some of the best equipment available in stores today. Due to the 24-70mm range, this lens will work best for taking pictures of people. The sharpness of the Sony 24-70 lens is pretty evident for any application even when you set it up wide open and also at every focal length.

If there is anything that will catch anyone’s attention about this top of the line lens is the fact that this lens is really pricey. One flip of the tag and it creates a bit of a heart stopping moment. However, there is no question that it is truly a great investment that no one should miss out. Quality at times does come at a price and that is so true for the Sony 24-70.


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