Horse Racing Terminology

If you are interested in horse racing, you will want to learn the terminology.
We will have a vocabulary list of terminology as it is related to the different aspects of horse racing.

Terminology related to the horse:

Colt: A male horse under 5 years of age.

Dam: The mother of the horse.

Filly: A female horse up to and including the age of 4.

Foal: Newly born thoroughbred, or until weaned. Can be a male horse or a female horse.

Gelding: Castrated male horse.

Maiden: A horse who has not won a race. Also used to describe a non-winning rider.

Sire: The father of the horse.

Stallion: An entire male horse.

Stud: Male horse used in breeding. Also is a breeding farm.

Yearling: Thoroughbred between the first New Year’s Day after being foaled and the following January 1.

Terminology related to the track:

Paddock: A structure or area where the datos de carrera Americana horses are saddled and viewed before post time.

Post: The starting point of the race or a position in the starting gate.

Post Parade: Horses going from the paddock to the starting gate passing the stands.

Post Position: The location of the stall in the starting gate from which a horse will start the race.

Totalisator: Machine used to sell and record betting tickets and shows odds.

Also figures and displays payoff figures on a totalisator board.

Track Record: The fastest time at various distances recorded at a particular track.

Terminology related to the jockey:

Jockey: The rider on the horse.

Silks: Jacket and cap worn by the jockey which designates the owner of the horse.

Set Down: To describe when a jockey has been suspended.

Post: The starting point of the race or a position in the starting gate.

Stick: A jockey’s whip.

Terminology related to the race:

Also Ran: A horse that finishes out of the money.

Dead Heat: Two or more horses finishing in an exact tie at the wire.

Entry: Two or more horses owned by the same stable or in some cases trained by the same trainer and thus running as a single betting unit. A bet on one is a bet for both.

Field: The horses in a race.

Flat Race: Race on level ground as opposed to a hurdles race or steeplechase racing.

Furlong: One eighth of a mile; 220 Yards; 660 feet.

Terminology related to betting/wagering:

Daily Double: Type of wagering calling for the selection of winners of two consecutive races, usually the first and second races.

Trifecta: A wager picking the first three finishers in exact order.

Claiming Race: The horses may be purchased by a qualified, licensed person for the claiming price listed .

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