Connection Football — Our Least Preferred Sport

ดูไฮไลท์ฟุตบอล (soccer) is not amongst our favorite sports. It pits enormously talented, fantastically trained, embarrassingly rich super-athletes against one particular a further for a complete 90-minutes, in a good acrobatic struggle associated with titans — which usually routinely ends in a tie/draw. (That makes us poor in the legs just to assume regarding it. ) Plus when you toss in the further added detraction of football hooliganism, well, we can get downright negative about the game associated with Association Football in the drop of the hat.

But if you come to be able to Turkey you will discover that we’re in a distinct group — in particular within a World Cup Soccer year. Simply because all of the masculine population (and the unusually massive portion of the female population) is wildly enthusiastic about the video game.

Although every single area of a lot more than 10, 000 followers has its personal group of local football (futbol within Turkish) heroes, that doesn’t stop right now there. Not by a lengthy chip shot.

Because no matter which team a Turk supports nearby, he/she will have to furthermore choose and be fanatically loyal to one of three Istanbul Teams.

Typically the one particular with the largest following is likely Fenerbah�e (also identified as Sar? Kenarya, Yellow Canary) — and not astonishingly it is among typically the best 15 millionaires football clubs inside the planet.

Next comes Galatasaray (aka Cim Bom… don’t inquire, we have simply no idea ) — which can be generally the country’s sentimental favorite group. If all of us had to pick out, we’d root with regard to Galatasaray. The cause has some thing to do with their fans… who else look a gentler, gentler group involving football crazies compared to the other kinds.

Bringing up the rear among the particular Istanbul teams is definitely Be? ikta? (aka Kara Kartal, African american Eagles). Their fans are a few of the almost all loyal you will come across anywhere. Our pal Ta? k? n is his 40’s but he regularly drives to? stanbul through the mid-Aegean area (an 8 : 10 hour drive) simply to see his / her team play.

Trabzonspor, a perennial Black Sea football powerhouse, is also extremely well-liked — though not necessarily to the very same degree as being the aforesaid 3 teams. Trabzonspor is also recognized as Bordo Mavi for the reason that that’s exactly what their team -uniform colors are — Claret-Red and Glowing blue…

So be ready to hear in addition to see a great deal about Association Football (soccer) in Turkey when you come. Plus after you have acquired the lay with the Turkish football land, you are going to want in order to pick out your own Istanbul (or African american Sea) football- team favorite — and (at least) check out football games in Tv with your own new Turkish buddies. Or threat becoming treated to a sort of kindly neglect — anytime it’s Game On in Game Day!

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