American Standard Toilets – The Solution to Your Bathroom Needs

When upgrading or replacing your 廁紙 bathroom fixtures, especially a toilet, you need to purchase a product that is reliable. There are so many brands available, but not all deliver a high level of quality. American Standard has been producing quality products for over one hundred and thirty years and their products can be found in three out of five American homes. You can be confident that American Standard toilets are built to last.

Toilets produced by them are available in three shapes, elongated, compact elongated and round front. If you require the use of a taller or shorter than average toilet, American Standard produces multiple sizes, making it easy to find the appropriate option for you. They are also produced in a wide variety of colors including black, bone, silver, white, linen and beige, which makes finding a toilet to match your bathroom decor simple. They also offers many other bathroom products to compliment your new toilet.

No matter what kind of toilet you are looking for American Standard has a product that will suit your needs. They have quality toilets available in many price ranges. With prices as low as 250 dollars on some models there is truly an option for every budget. If high performance is what you are after a toilet featuring the innovative and popular Champion 4 system is the ultimate solution.

Described by American Standard as efficient and nearly clog resistant, these toilets use less water than other flushing systems. You will be able to retire your plunger because a Champion 4 toilet boasts the largest trapway at 2 and 3/8 inches wide! Toilets equipped with Champion 4 flushing system come with an incredible ten year warranty and require little maintenance.

Adding to the appeal of these toilets is the unique EverClean surface. This amazing surface will keep your toilet looking clean and shiny because it is specifically developed to resist the growth of mold and bacteria so you can spend less time cleaning! Water efficiency is another added benefit of owning an American Standard product.

Reduce your water bill while doing your part to help the environment when you own and operate a toilet designed to conserve water. Their Cadet 3 FlowWise series and H2Option™ Dual Flush are certified and proven to be water efficient without compromising the function of the toilet.

Deciding on and purchasing a new toilet is an important investment. As a consumer, you need to be confident and comfortable with your choice. The proven reliability, quality, function and the added features of American Standard toilets sets them high above other brands. They offer numerous choices for toilets with innovative features that will deliver you a lifetime of comfort.

With the convenience of EverClean surface and the Champion 4 flush system you will be able to spend less time cleaning and maintaining your toilet and more time completing projects you enjoy! An American Standard toilet will be a purchase you can be proud of!


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