All Motorcycle Riders Aren’t Hell’s Angels, A Look At Reality

It is a common belief that motorcycle clubs are formed to commit horrible acts of crime and terrorize neighborhoods. Thankfully, this is rarely the case. One or two notorious groups (think Hell’s Angels) have painted a stark image of motorcycling.

In reality, there are thousands of groups trike motorcycle for sale  in the world today. Starting in 1903, the Yonkers Motorcycle Club was formed. The group met to share their love of motorcycles. The Yonkers Motorcycle Club is the oldest of its kind. San Francisco followed suit a short while later. These two dominated the scene until the 1950s when more groups formed.

There are dozens of motorcycle groups throughout the United States and Canada. Sizes vary greatly from just three or four members to hundreds of members. Membership can be open or limited to only approved applicants. Many show their pride in motorcycling by creating jackets or shirts with their club logo.

Even today, new groups form daily. All it takes is for a few people to find they have common ground whether it is a passion for the area where they ride or the style of motorcycle they ride. Motorcycle clubs can focus on one specific model, the riders’ profession, a love for mountain roads, or dozens of other reasons.

There are many clubs scattered throughout the world. The Saskatchewan Motorcycle Club in Canada spends their time touring Canada’s remote areas. Harley Davidson Clubs meet to share their passion for the Harley Davidson brand. Vespa Riders of Rome spend their time cruising the city streets. Florida Brothers Of The Bike cruise the beaches of Daytona. These are only a few of the groups out there.

Women find a niche for themselves in the Women On Wheels Motorcycle Association. This women-only group has more than 100 chapters throughout the United States, Canada, and Switzerland. These adventurous women plan their routes in advance and then explore new areas as a team.

Police and military groups are also common. As police and military units have relied on motorcycles since World War I, it is not surprising that they would form their own clubs dedicated to the machine that makes their job easier.

Regardless of the group, the rules never change. The important factor is having fun in a safe manner. Motorcycle riders will team up to help others repair their motorcycle, find pleasing routes to take, and even recommend restaurants who cater to bikers.

The knowledge that comes from motorcycle club members is tremendous. You can guarantee that this brotherhood will tell you where to find the least expensive parts, greatest destinations, and best hotels. Advice is happily given and someone always has an answer to your question. For these reasons, motorcycle groups are key to enjoying and sharing your passion.

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