5 Tools and Techniques to Get a Guy Over a Fear of Sex Toys

According to the stereotype, guys are completely comfortable with sex toys, and girls are completely weirded out even by tamer items like porn movies, and liable to walk out on you if they find a realistic vagina sex toy in your cupboard! We all know that stereotypes are rarely true, though, and if you have a guy who’s a little apprehensive about introducing sex toys into your playtime, it can feel very limiting. Today we check out some tips and techniques for getting a guy over his fear of sex toys!

Vibrating Rings
These sex toys can be attached either to condoms or worn bareback in a longer-term relationship. They are a fantastic place for guys that feel a little threatened to start, because they are completely useless without him there. Additionally, he is in complete control of your experience with the ring.

Finger Vibrators
These are usually marketed as small vibrators that a lady can use anywhere (well, anywhere you have enough privacy not to be arrested!). However, they are also a great first foray into the sex toy world for uncomfortable guys – again, he’s in complete control.

Remote Control Vibrators
Another toy that puts him in complete control is the remote control vibrator. You strap it on underneath your knickers, find a nice noisy pub or club, and put the controller in his pocket. In this situation, the toy is hardly replacing him… he is simply working through the toy, like your personal sex god!

Toys for Him!
There are plenty of sex toys that are designed primarily to make the  kits bdsm male reach orgasm more easily, or make the orgasm feel different… so why not try out one of these first? Show him that you don’t feel threatened, and he’ll usually respond in kind.

Talking About the Female Body…
One of the reasons that men often feel replaced, inadequate or threatened by sex toys is that they assume female bodies respond to stimulation in the same way as the male body.

If your man isn’t willing to try any of the above ideas, taking Salt ‘n Pepa’s advice and ‘taking about sex’ is the most sensible starting point. Guys need to know that since the male orgasm is linked to reproduction, evolution has found many mysterious ways to make it occur very reliably! Girls haven’t been so lucky in this department… a lady who can only orgasm in limited circumstances is still quite able to pass on her genes. There is no inadequacy in either partner, only ordinary genetic differences like a tendency to get coughs and colds, the ability to tan rather than get sunburned or having a speedy metabolism.


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